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5 tips to convert more visitors to customers

5 tips to convert more visitors to customers

You’re an entrepreneur. USP ready. Future vision clear. Website finished. All is well and done. You’re ready to flame. Your customers, however, not so much. They’re hovering on your website, undeceive and unwilling to donate their money to you. 

How do you convince them? Manify Agency provides 5 tips to convert more visitors into customers.  

1 Storytelling to convert

Storytelling is a powerful instrument in conveying a message to a reader. Your readers will identify themselves with characters of your story. They remember these stories better than facts you present to them and feel more connected to your company as well. 

Storytelling could result in more profit because a) customers feel more evolved and are willing to take action b) storytelling fits right in Social Media and c) when you apply SEO in storytelling, your website is easier to find. 

In A storytelling tale; and they all lived wealthily ever after you’ll find out more about what storytelling could do for your conversion rates and profits. For more advice on how Manify Agency could help you in telling a tale, let’s Manify. 

2 Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO)

Convincing your customers is what you want, but first the customers need to be able to find you. SEO could help you becoming more visible online. With the use of proper key words, direct or indirect, customers can find more easily whatever service is useful to them. Helping your customers to find you is providing them a service by not having to search for very long. You’re basically saving them some time.

Read this blog to find out how you could rise to the top in Google search. Or let’s Manify to discuss SEO solutions in your promotion. 

3 Use influencers 

TikTok is not just the new kid on the block, it’s also the biggest in the room if we’re looking at engagement and reach. The dancing algorithms are simply best in class and perform any other social media channel. Combine this with the traditional ads & retargeting and you’ll outperform every standard you’ve set. 

Manify has formed a team of prominent TikTok influencers that reach millions of people each week. If you want these influencers to help you convert more visitors to customers, click hee to Manify. 

4 Present an easy to do call-to-action 

Don’t bother your visitors with difficult or annoying sounding tasks at the bottom of the web page. You want to convert them into customers. They hardly feel like getting harassed with: ‘log in here,’ or ‘leave all your information here.’ You want them to feel like it’s effortless. So, let’s Manify. 

5 Sales automation

Automating direct sales? In 2022 that’s very much possible. With the use of bots, anyone can have both a large reach and a high level of engagement. But how does this work?

AI is becoming more powerful with each day. Leaving them with the task of cold acquisition is peanuts for them. And for you. 

AI performing cold acquisition leads to relationship building with your potential clients. AI engages with them on a daily basis to warm them up. Every time-consuming part of the process is automated (read eliminated). Higher revenue with lower costs? Isn’t that every entrepreneur’s dream? 

Let’s Manify to find out what sales automation could do for your conversion and your revenue and costs or read more about it in Bots attack!

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