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Bots attack! 

Discover how you can use automation to generate more leads in sales

Bots have come to incinerate our cows! They’ve come to infiltrate our politics! They’ve come to destroy our world!

Wait, did automation or bots show any signs of ambition for world domination so far? And while they do have significant influence on our politics at this stage, are they really capable of infiltrating it? Manify Agency, a pioneer in this sector, could shine some light on what these busy bots do and how they can help you in generating more leads in sales. 


As sci-fi the term ‘bots’ still sounds, it’s been a while since they moved from fiction to our reality. The term bot is an abbreviation of the word robot and signifies a computer program that simulates human activity on popular websites like TikTok or Twitter as a means to boost marketing performance. 

The bots are actually pretty docile and await your every command. There’s no fear in them secretly building Skynet in Kahoot to forever dominate the human race. Usually they’re brought into action to automate certain tasks, meaning they can perform without specific instructions. 

When you assign the bots to automatization, you remove repetitive tasks for humans. Automation tools don’t get bored, work much faster, and deliver a constant quality in performance. You can completely custom build your automation tools according to your wishes and put them to use for an increase in lead generation or corporate recruitment, as we can tell from the bots created by Manify Agency. 

The benefits of automation

As pointed out above, automation tools work faster than humans at boring repetitive tasks. Customers and clients save lots of time with the use of bots by its automatizational characteristics and its velocity. Automation tools don’t work from nine to five, but are available 24/7.  

All these benefits result in a large reach of people within your target audience. Since bots are customizable, you can aim them at the preferred demographic at will. And when you reach the preferred audience, you will perceive an improved user experience along with an increase in direct lead generation and marketing performance. 

Let bots generate leads in sales

When put to use on professional platforms, bots serve as never resting sales agents. Frequent and automatic client contact results in an increasing brand commitment of your target audience. Automation tools initiate chats with the target audience and invite them to follow your company online for continuous exposure of your communication. 

Everyone knows repetition is key in marketing to let potential clients get acquaintanced with your organization. Bots not only initiate contact, they perform follow-up activities as well to nicely warm up the leads. A warm lead is a happy lead when you approach them directly. 

Let automation tools pave over the speed bumps that obstruct your way to the client’s core. 

So, bots have attacked the internet. The internet is already unimaginable without them even. Are you curious about how you can put these busy automation tools to work? What are you waiting for? Share a cup of coffee with Manify Agency to discover in which ways you could customize bots around your needs. 

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