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Mr. & Mrs. Watson is a plant-based restaurant & food tech enterprise. This industry innovator is setting its mark on a worldwide level and putting the Netherlands back on the map as a (vegan) cheese innovator. Closing down the restaurant – because of COVID-19 brought some major difficulties – however also leaves room for innovation, and… delivery!

Manify Agency assured with a relevant and necessary burst of growth within the delivery sales channel. Rearranging the bussines manager within 48 hours, and thus leading to 66% cost reduction while increasing revenue. Combining paid advertisement with owned date to, simply put, outperform.



Cost Reduction📉


Return On Ad Spend 🚀


Increasing revenue 📈️


01/ StrategyEvaluating the current channels, add spend and business manager led to the direct conclusions - this can be done much better. Luckily our Manifyers challenged themselves and redid the business manager and full add funnel with 48 hours after kick-off. Easily, increasing revenue at ⅓ of the add budget.

02/ BoostBlowing someone away within 48 hours is our an amazing feeling. But 5 folding the revenue in the 7 days after, that’s what we live for. Rolling out the Manify data based add strategy.

03/ OptimizeWithin the next four weeks our strategy increased the return on add spend with over 4200%

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