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Sempergreen – a plant grower in heart and soul – is a leading enterprise wanting to improve the quality of life by innovations in the field of sustainable construction and greenery within urban areas. Thus supplying qualitative products all over the globe for ‘greener’ rooftops, facades, and ready-to-build ground.

Our Manifyers helped Sempergreen by scaling and growing on a global level. While utilizing AI techniques we automated the cold acquisition and lead generation process. Our so-called ‘AI bots’ or ‘bots’ mimic human behavioral patterns based on your own account manager. This helps to create a hyper-personalized approach. Help the sales team grow the enterprise right into the next stage. 



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01/ PersonalitySales is all about personality. Being able to develop AI ​​techniques correctly, it is highly relevant thoroughly analyse and study behavioral patterns

02/ MimicThe next steps are up to our developers and their AI (God we do love them). The AI ​​starts learning, understanding and eventually mimicking the 'teacher' its behavior. Ultimately assuring that the most relevant channels of the account management team is integrated and filled up with thousands of valuable leads. This is where B2B lead generation really kicks-off.

03/ ConvertNo one is actually going to buy the first time they (digitally) meet you. Therefore, thousands of B2B leads are structurally approached, followed up & engaged. Ensuring a high engagement level and even more conversions (up to 55%). Get ready for dozens of hot leads every other month! Meanwhile saving up to 20 hours a week per FTE.

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