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An organic reach of 2.4 million+ within 60 days

In collaboration with Sony, Captain Nova became an award-winning feature film that has already been sold to dozens of cinemas and countries. In short a next-level success.

We cared about and executed the 360° all-around marketing campaign for this film to become award-winning. The challenge started with devising a complete omnichannel marketing strategy. After a number of thorough strategy sessions, the specialists started the execution and implementation phase. From content creation to community management, Captain Nova organically reached over 2 million people on TikTok & Instagram within the first two months. Of which 1.4+ million views were handled by TikTok.






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01/ CreationUnique content creation with a combined interactive form of community management ensured explosive growth in views and followers. All while building a large and engaged fanbase on both Tiktok and Instagram.

02/ DistrubutionOur tailored content was used on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook. Our strategy was to create interactive challenges with the community and this drove engagement with users creating their own content.

03/ 360°No group was left untouched. No matter the age, gender, or ethnicity we reached them. We enhanced this campaign by deploying billboards, posters, and other old skool offline marketing tools.

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