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On this page, you’ll discover how we can take your organization to new heights.

Marketing the Manify way

Welcome to the world of performance-driven marketing! In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to have a strong online presence and a solid understanding of how to effectively market yourself and your brand. That’s where Manify Agency comes in.

At Manify Agency, we specialize in performance-driven marketing strategies that deliver results. Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, drive conversions, or improve your ROI, our team of experts is ready to assist. But you might be wondering, what exactly is performance-driven marketing? Simply put, it’s a data-driven approach to marketing that focuses on measurable outcomes and optimizing campaigns for maximum impact.

Do we match?

We believe that business growth is more than just a financial pursuit. It’s a powerful movement that breaks through stagnation and opens doors to new opportunities. It’s a fiery energy that makes all the pieces fall into place. At Manify Agency, we wholeheartedly embrace this growth mentality.

We are passionate about collaborating with ambitious companies that are strongly focused on growth and have the courage to think big. These companies have reached a point where our online marketing services can truly make a difference. We are ready to accelerate their growth journey and reach new heights together.

Phase 1

Free marketing analysis

Every one of our success stories began with a marketing analysis. Whether you’ve been working with a marketing agency for years or have an in-house marketing team, it’s always good to seek a second opinion. 

During a phone intake, we’ll assess whether there’s a fit. If there’s mutual alignment, we’ll schedule a face-to-face brainstorm session to discuss your current marketing and desired goals. Next, our specialists will delve deeper into your marketing strategy. All ads and results will be analyzed so that we can draw accurate and well-founded conclusions. 

Finally, we’ll provide you with advice. This advice offers valuable insights and wisdom. If you’re convinced that we can handle the implementation, we’ll get started for you the same week. 

Phase 2

Research & Strategy

  1. Audience research: What do your buyer personas look like? What demographic factors may influence success? 
  2. Competitive research: What strategies is your competition using, and what can we learn from them to ensure we outperform them?
  3. Content research: We utilize various tools to examine ads, content, and competitor websites. 
  4. Keyword research: We’ll conduct extensive keyword research per country, enabling your organization to surpass competitors and maximize ad spend effectively.

Phase 3

Takeover & Control

  1. Takeover of ad accounts: During the takeover, we immediately start with research and validation. We ensure that all analyses are correctly implemented and examine the performance of all target audiences and ads.

  2. A/B testing and filtering current ads: It’s now time to analyze the entire funnel and all ads to identify opportunities and areas where we can save costs.

  3. Restructure the entire customer journey: The ad specialist will now run split tests alongside existing campaigns. We will rebuild the entire customer journey from

  4. Scaling the best-performing campaigns: Based on the results, we’ll decide which campaigns receive more budget and which ones we want to discontinue.

Phase 4


  1. Research: With the takeover ongoing for a while, we’ve gathered a lot of data. Now, we’ll analyze the data and translate it into a new strategy.

  2. Content creation: Here, we’ll instruct you based on our analyses and create a mood board using tools like Figma, for example.

  3. Validation: Both you and us will verify the usability of the textual and visual content.

  4. Technical: Everything checked? Then, our performance marketers will begin building the new funnels using the latest techniques and marketing trends.

Phase 5


  1. Daily A/B-testing: Every day, we optimize ads through A/B tests with different target audiences and variations in images, headlines, and text. This results in micro-budget management for reduced risk and faster growth.
  2. Multichannel budget management: Our performance marketers evaluate the ad budget daily and allocate the majority to the platforms with the highest returns for that day.

  3. Content rotation: Varied content across diverse demographics is essential for engaging your audience. This prevents irritation and boredom in potential customers, resulting in a lasting “wow effect.”

  4. Smart scaling: Thanks to ROAS calculations, our performance marketers scale the budget systematically, leading to boundless success.

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Your succes is our mission

At Manify Agency, we invite you to go further. We extend this invitation not only to our clients but also to our colleagues. We strive for everyone to feel in their element, experience personal growth, specialize, and excel in their field. 

In our close-knit work environment, we believe that strong bonds with colleagues and clients build trust. This trust creates the freedom to bring out the best in oneself. 

At Manify Agency, we draw energy not only from growth but also from the unique connections we forge with our clients and colleagues. It nourishes our positive vibe and anchors a culture of action. We give it our full 100% to achieve positive results. Together, we aim for your success.

Gain valuable insights to grow your organization

It’s clear; every success story with us begins with a no-obligation marketing analysis. We delve into all your systems and desired results and provide clear advice right away. 

Discover immediate impact with a free marketing analysis! Just like hundreds of other companies, your organization can take the next step or gain confidence in the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy. 

Our expert team reviews your website, content, ads, and social media channels, offering valuable insights and immediately actionable improvement points. 

Schedule a no-obligation marketing analysis today and set your marketing on the right course for success!