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What makes content creation important?

Content creation boosts visibility, builds trust, drives engagement, increases conversions and defines your brand in the digital world.

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Our creative strategists develop content concepts that capture attention and are designed to convert on social media. We align your creative content with your campaign goals and business objectives so that our creations have the greatest impact.

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Content is critical for e-commerce businesses because it influences consumer purchase decisions, builds trust, drives engagement and generates a constant stream of new and relevant content.

Empowering consumers to share their experiences allows e-commerce businesses to build strong relationships with customers and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

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Can we help you?

Yes, we like to take as much work off our clients' hands as possible. Your success, is our mission. Because we know the impact of content well, getting this right is a big priority for us. What do we do exactly?

We create a briefing based on data. The data determines what the content creators create. Then we manage the content creators from a to z. (What content do we want to see, how should the product be presented, which brand-guide is used, is the quality satisfactory, etc.).

Finally, each team ensures that the content is presented in the right way to the right target audience. The content can be deployed on:

- The social media channels
- Paid online advertising campaigns
- The website (especially on the product pages)

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Do we have distinctive capabilities?

Everything we do is data-driven. We know what input your organization needs for the desired output. This also applies to the visual content.

Manify only employs specialists who focus on what they are good at. The teams work closely together, ensuring high quality.

The data analyst (in this case) determines which content works well, the brand strategist determines how the content will be branded and the content creators ensure that the content fits your brand and proposition.

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Will your brand become our success story?!

Larger brands are increasingly incorporating content on the product page. This is the last moment where you can persuade your target audience to add the product to the shopping cart. Content has great persuasive power and helps enormously in improving conversion.

Enrich your marketing strategy with content and make sure this is reflected on all your online channels for omnichannel marketing. The content is multi-purpose and it also creates loyalty with your current customer. This stimulates brand preference and brand loyalty. A real must for your organization.

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It all starts with a plan

Every marketing strategy starts with a solid plan. We offer you the opportunity to brainstorm with our experts. During the brainstorm we will look at your current situation, discuss your proposition and make a plan on how to reach your goals.

In short; one big win for your company!

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