Solar Fusion: "We have been working with Manify Agency for a while now. The team performs well and they are very transparent. They communicate according to our needs."

  • Online advertising
  • Website development
  • Lead flows
  • Conversion optimalization
  • SEO
  • Content creation

Highlights of the collaboration

  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Website development
  • Email flows
  • 10+ quote requests per week

It all starts with a plan

Solar Fusion is a rapidly growing solar energy company with a focus on quality and customer intimacy. Manify Agency is the trusted digital performance partner. From web development to building the complete customer journey, we know what takes Solar Fusion further.

Taking over existing campaigns

The control phase: where everything is about control. In this phase, we made sure that all tracking software was correctly integrated and that all integrations were properly implemented.

But for us, control also means taking the reins when it comes to results and growth. We create new retargeting audiences for Solar Fusion, analyze and optimize existing campaigns, and immediately scale up the best-performing campaigns.

Our goal is to have a firm grip on every step of the process so that we can achieve optimal results and take companies like Solar Fusion to new heights. With our thorough monitoring and targeted actions, we strive for success and growth for every business.

Draw attention


Unleash the power of the complete marketing funnel with Solar Fusion! At Solar Fusion, we have fully focused on creating an immersive customer journey. Together with you, we develop customized campaigns that perfectly match specific target groups. We extend the funnel and respond to various buying needs.

But we go beyond that. For Solar Fusion, we leveraged our unique ability to continuously run split tests on different audiences, locations, images and texts. This is how we ensure your marketing efforts are distinctive and have maximum impact.

At Manify Agnency, we believe that designing an effective marketing funnel is the key to success. Together, we’ll lift your business to new heights by creating and continually optimizing an immersive customer journey. Tap into our power and experience the results.

Let's get started


Your growth is our raison d’être. The extensive testing phase is meant to scale up winning campaigns and audiences. It is important that the retargeting funnel gets bigger and bigger, so that the cost per sale gets cheaper and cheaper. This allows you to generate more sales with less budget.

In order to continue to intrigue target audiences and increase conversion, we intensively apply content rotation. This means that we continue to reach every target group, addressing as many purchase needs as possible. This increases the chances of conversion and keeps the target audience feeling connected to your brand.

Boost your brand


Online advertising

Online advertising is of great importance to any organization. It allows you to reach a wide audience, target them in a targeted manner, advertise cost-effectively, achieve measurable results and encourage interaction & engagement with your target audience.

It provides an effective and measurable way to increase brand awareness, attract new and existing customers, and drive sales.

Gain valuable insights to grow your organization

Even this success story above started with a non-binding marketing analysis.

Discover immediate impact with a free marketing analysis! Just like Solar Fusion, your organization can take the next step or gain certainty about the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy. Our expert team reviews your website, content, advertisements, and social media channels and provides valuable insights and immediately applicable improvement points.

Schedule a free marketing analysis today and set your marketing on the right course for success!